Art and craft feltsFybafelt provides Haberdashery Felt to the haberdashery business in readily available quantities of versatile fabric.

Popularity varies as fashions change but felt products are undergoing somewhat of a resurgence at present.

Fybafelt is an ideal material for trimming and decoration. It is easy to cut, does not fray and can be sewn or glued.

Sticky backed self adhesive Fybafelt may offer an alternative solution to your trimming requirements.

The comprehensive range of haberdashery felt colours we have in stock should enable you to find something to suit all occasions

Cushion Felt

Haberdashery felt is ideally suited for the appliqué decoration of cushions.

The coloured cushion felt range is available in 35 vibrant colours from stock, all of which cut cleanly without fraying. Due to the method of its construction Fybafelt has superior abrasion resistance in comparison to many other manufacturers / suppliers felt.

We can also supply die cut shapes of felt or offer a cutting service for your own fabrics, please contact us to discuss individual requirements.

Cushion FeltCushion FeltCushion Felt