fybagee equestrian felt

Fybagee – the name to be trusted in the UK Manufacture of Equestrian Felt products

We manufacture the prestigious and original FYBAGEE and FYBATACK range of equestrian felt based products. Our range includes multilayer saddle pads, saddle felts, leg pads (Fybagee) and grooming blocks for the discerning equestrian trade.

Fybagrate can also supply a wide range of synthetic sports surfaces.


Laminated composite of Fybagrate’s needlefelt and a specific density of foam. Fybagee is predominantly supplied in white but we can offer a small range of Fybagee colours from stock and bespoke combinations if required subject to minimum quantities.

  • Fybagee is used as leg wraps or pads during exercise, stabling and transport
  • Fybagee is available in the single sheets, pairs or packs of ten
  • Common sizes are:
    • No. 1 – 12″ x 18″ (30 x 45 cm)
    • No. 3 – 20″ x 20” (50 x 50 cm)
  • Shaped fore and hind pads
  • Standard Fybagee pad sizes below (many other sizes can be offered as required – please ask)
    • 10″ x 12″
    • 12″ x 12″
    • 18″ x 18″
    • 16″ x 20″
    • 18″ x 22″

FybageeFybagee Back / Saddle Pads

Fybagee can be supplied for use as back or saddle pads and the usual dimensions are:

  • 27″ x 39″ (70 x 100 cm)

Please ask if you require any other sizes.

Navy Multi Layer Saddle Pads

Manufactured at Fybagrate these thick pads are very popular in racing stables across the country.

  • Multi Layer can be offered on the roll or in cut pads. Sizes as required.
  • Pads can be embellished with sewn edges and leatherette wear patches.

Slix grooming blocksSlix Grooming Blocks

Slix grooming blocks are essential for the care of your horse
as they are ideal for the removal of a horse’s winter coat,
mud and bot eggs. Slix blocks are manufactured at Fybagrate
and can be labelled to your own brand if required.