Fybagrate Technical Felt

Fybagrate produces a bespoke range of user specified and unique non-woven materials providing functional solutions for industrial and technical applications.

Our technical felts are manufactured specifically to order from synthetic, natural or recycled fibres.

Our technical expertise also allows us to convert clients free issue fibres.

We are specialists in small batches, one off requirements and conversion of coloured fibres. All materials can be offered in rolls or converted into bespoke components.

Our products and experience has been utilised for over 35 years, supporting many industries such as:

Here are some technical uses for the products we can produce and supply

The pictures show several of the technical felt products that Fybagrate manufacture.

  • A crop of poinsettias growing on a professional irrigation system incorporating capillary matting manufactured at Fybagrate.
  • A separation geotextile which is incorporated into a rainwater harvesting / water attenuation system / sustainable urban drainage systems. These can also include oil absorbent nonwoven materials.
  • Oil absorbent pads and booms specifically engineered to collect hydrocarbons (oil) spilt onto water.

 geotextile separation layer oil absorbent pads