Fybagrate manufacture a variety of technical felt products for use in and around the horticultural industry. Amongst these are capillary matting, mulch mats, hanging basket liners and geotextile underlay suitable for use in garden ponds to lakes or lagoons.

Fybagrate’s capillary matting is manufactured to strict tolerances and is regularly tested to ensure its performance. This material can be supplied to varying specifications dependant upon its method of use and the crops that it needs to support. Capillary matting can be used in plant displays as a simple water reservoir or commercial systems indoor or outside. Please contact us to discuss the specific nature of your enquiry.

Mulch mats for use as water reservoirs for plants can be supplied using a blend of recycled synthetic and natural wool fibres.

Hanging basket liners are manufactured from a blend on natural fibres and are fully biodegradable / compostable at the end of the season.


Here are some uses for our technical horticulture felt products

 hanging basket liners