Fybagrate can offer a wide range of geosynthetic geotextile products for the construction industry.

These include geotextiles of various grades and specifications suitable for applications that range from garden pond underlay to geotextiles for ornamental lakes, lagoons and landfill sites. These materials can be supported up to 6 metres wide and manufactured from recycled materials to support environmentally sensitive construction policies.

In addition to geotextile protection and separation layers Fybagrate supply underlay for single ply roofing systems and geotec underlay for the metal roofing industry. The polyester geotec felt underlay material can be used under lead roofing, stainless steel and copper as a slip layer to allow expansion and contraction of the roof.

geotextile separation layer

Geotextile separation layer in a sustainable urban drainage system

single ply roofing system underlay

Single ply roofing system incorporating
polyester underlay

geotec lead underlay

Geotec underlay installed in a lead roofing project